Thursday, 30 March 2017

Don't Throw That Out!

Don't Throw That Out!

Last week we were learning about keeping our school environment rubbish free. We looked in our lunch boxes and Mrs Marshall was so impressed at our rubbish free lunches. Then we read a book called 'Don't Throw That Out!' and decided that we could use some boxes and bits and pieces from our class Make It table to create something out of 'rubbish'. 

The girl in the story made a dragon and we decided to do the same. 
First we had to find the things we needed... a head, a neck, a body and 4 legs.

Then we glued the body parts together and made some wings and a tail out of cardboard.

After that we painted them and let them dry.

Finally we added some features like spots, eyes, ears 
and of course a fire breathing tongue!

What do you think of our 'Don't Throw That Out!' dragons? 

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